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About Name the Moon Campaign

Our moon’s name is the Moon. We think we can do better.

Our Mission
As the originators of the Name the Moon campaign we are dedicated to respectfully petitioning the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to give our moon a unique name; launching an animated series that teaches people about our solar system; and entertaining, educating and engaging the public.

Why our moon needs a new name
Moon was a unique name for many centuries. But in 1610, when Galileo spotted large objects orbiting Jupiter and those moons were given their own names, everything changed. Since that time, almost every object in our solar system has been given a unique name. And moon has become the category for satellites that orbit a planet.

Think of it this way. The name Earth is at least 1,000 years old. But the Earth is a planet. Planet is the Earth’s category. The Moon is, well, a moon. We believe that it is too generic of a name for one of the most beautiful celestial objects in our solar system.

Many moons have been discovered and given fun, romantic or mythological names. Our moon has been left behind and it needs a unique name.

How did we come up with the 12 final names?
With over 4100 submissions from nearly 30 different countries worldwide, our astronomical experts came up with the Finalist List of 12 names.

Submissions came from people in the following countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, England, Scotland, Russia, Philippines, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, India, Australia, China, France, Singapore, Sweden, Japan, Spain, Brazil, Poland, Turkey, Argentina, Italy, Ukraine, South Korea, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, and Kyrgyzstan.


How does voting work?
Choose a name from the list of twelve finalists and click “Vote”. You’ll be able to enter your name and email address (not required) so you can share your vote with your friends and family on social media.

Later this fall, we will compile the total votes for all the names and select the winning name. We will suggest that name as a possible new, unique name for Earth’s moon.

Watch Full Episodes of the Looney Moonies

Introduction to the Looney Moonies

Episode 1: The Moon Comes to Play

Episode 2: The Moon Gets a Makeover

Episode 3: The Moon Goes to the Library

Who are the Looney Moonies?

The Looney Moonies are the characters in an internet-based cartoon. They were created to help campaign for the Earth’s moon to get a unique name. In the future, the Looney Moonies will to take you on more adventures and help you learn about our Universe.

Looney Moonies Family Photo

Vote to Name the Moon

With over 4100 submissions from nearly 30 different countries worldwide, our astronomical experts came up with the following twelve names.

Choose your favorite name for our moon.


Heavenly or divine

Name for the Roman goddess of the moon, the hunt and birth


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Latin for peace

We seek peace for our world. A nightly reminder might do us all some good


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Star Wars fan favorite

It also has an aboriginal basis in many legends


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Old Hebrew for moon

Based on “layolah” which is Old Hebrew for moon or night


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Our moon’s original name

Object that collided with Earth 4.3 million years ago forming today’s moon


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Greek for moon

Titan goddess who pulled the moon across the sky each night


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Latin for moon

In Roman myth Luna is the divine embodiment of the moon


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Earth’s Only Natural Satellite

And it has been there for eons too


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Hawaiian for heaven

Mai ka lani mai which is Hawaiian for heaven sent


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Japanese for ocean and restoration

Our moon affects the ocean tides and restores itself each lunar cycle


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On one’s own, alone

Earth is the only planet with just one, solo moon


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From Old English “moone”

Classification for over 180 natural orbiting satellites in our solar system


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Let’s see how many votes we can get. Our moon needs a unique name!